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Novel way to seed deforested areas…

New Regulations Seek to Control the Sovereign World of Plants

Australia’s third-richest man – the new billionaires!!

This Place Takes The Tiny House Dream To The Next Level!

Mayan Dreamspell Calendar explained simply

Yes Aotearoa – a new political party for positive change

Back to Nature to Reconnect, evolve and enjoy the offerings

Your electricity could now be free!

New business model in NZ – ‘take as many days off as you need’…

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Is the Sovereignty of Plants a Credible Global Political Agenda?

Day guards in Finland built “forest roads” and changed children’s immune systems.

Online course -Everything you Need to Grow your own Nutrient-dense Food Easily.

Buildings Made of “Moss-Growing Concrete” Could Remove More CO2 and Air Pollution than Thousands of Trees

The old world has faded…

Welcome to Auroville – in this city there is no religion, no politics and no money…

Deep Adaptation…. introducing Prof Jim Bemdell

Twitter game-changer?

Parliament just passed the Animal Sentience Bill!

Sleeping whales…

Two men and a stick built a waterpark!

Woman used 5 shipping containers to build extraordinary off-grid home

When we can fly…

A single change in Bitcoin’s coding could reduce its carbon footprint by 99%

A transformative vision – food independency, healing the world

The fewer toys kids have the better….

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Buckminster Fuller – way ahead of his time!

The Parallel Society…

Are supermarkets the best place to get our food from?

Fungi: Why Are We Ignoring Nature’s Hidden Solution?

Time for a health system upgrade…

Resonance* Connecting the Collective.

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