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Back to Nature to Reconnect, evolve and enjoy the offerings

A conscious decision that was years in the creating and making…to shift from the outskirts of the city, onto the land and live a simple life and create a hub for celebration, learning, soul nourishment, connection, well-being and healing. After we had given up looking, the land that aligns with what we were looking for, appeared magically and the pathway was serendipitous.
We have created a hub, a safe space, to unwind, relax and explore nature. With retreats, workshops and ceremonies we offer people the opportunity to learn, re-set and meet like-minded others in this pure nature setting. This paradise valley is near Matauri Bay, just 20 minutes north of Kerikeri, in the subtropical North. There are beaches 10 minutes away, plus awesome markets in Kerikeri, op-shopping and coastal gems like Paihia.

Our offerings this month of May, include an epic Drum Retreat for beginners and advanced, with vegan catering. Then we have a unique combination of Bio Danza dancing,  Art expression and Cacao ceremony. End of the month there is a Reiki Energy Healing Training Workshop.
We now are planning our next Fest which will take place in January/February on the land on the large flat camping glade areas, near the spring-fed river, and the ancient forest with kiwis. We offer a chill-loving atmosphere with live music with quality sound, delicious local organic food, authentic healers, and some workshops including some on sustainability, like growing edible mushrooms for a business.
Any interest in chatting with us about our event offerings or coming to stay on the land on a per night basis or wanting to share your mahi and live on the land for a while, please reach out for a conversation.

Shantara Benz | | 021 02380070