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The Resonance* App

The Resonance* app provides heart-centered kiwis with a new way to find like-minded people, produce, services and customers, without the middleman.

Resonance* is a directory connecting the people and the resources required to enable abundant living alongside the mainstream system. Resonance* is a NZ- wide independent digital platform where all aligned individuals, businesses and groups have the opportunity to be represented.

The Resonance* App is one of the ways to build the inspiration, connectivity and the new networks we'll need to thrive. We will be launching a desktop version later in 2022.

Resonance* relies on your listings to create this parallel marketplace. The more listings we have, the more useful this platform will be. Think about how you might use this app to let others know what you do and grow your connections. Use this form to send us your listings.

Not-for-profit and run on Koha

The Resonance* App is a totally voluntary project and we rely on your koha and generosity. We will always be a not-for-profit organisation and your contribution helps to cover our operating expenses.
Your small Koha offerings show you support the app and if you are finding clients and making trades, then a Koha would be great. With your support we can keep working on The Resonance* App to build a robust and useful platform that continues to connect like-minded people together. We are so grateful!
You can donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee via

You can also make a crypto currency koha to our Resonance Crypto wallet via the BTC address or QR code below. We are so grateful for your support, especially in these early days of development. It's like wind in our sails!

Our Bank account:
The Wellington App Ltd
ANZ 01-0505-0913948-00

QR code

Wallet Address: bc1qjn2gl0n66nzkp4mwemn6lnqjrv4x2f8sszf7c6

Resonance* will fund other new-paradigm initiatives

As our income grows, any surplus will be reinvested in other initiatives, so let us know about your organisation. We are on this journey together.



Contribute to the Resonance* Bulletin

Calling inspired writers and content collectors! Contribute to the Resonance* Bulletin. The tone will be upbeat - with eyes ‘off the old’ and all that is transforming - and ‘onto the new’ with future thinking towards… parallel economies, free energy, disruptive technologies, new systems, regenerative and organic principles, local democracy, decentralised politics, resource-based economies, new-thought authors, holism, health and rejuvenation, embodied spirituality, alternative/eco/co-housing, community building and so on - you get the gist of it!

Use this form to submit your piece. You may write your own or summarise an existing article with a link to the full article. If you submit a video or Facebook post you'll need to provide a short written summary. Maximum 500 words.

Resonance* contains your listings

We rely on your listings to populate Resonance*, and it will develop with more categories as we go. Fill in our online listings form, choose a category and a second category too if you like.
If you have any suggestions for category improvements:

Let us know about your organisation and how you would like to be involved.

Resonance* will take shape as you send us your listings. Your contribution will help seed the beginnings of a new way of working together as a collective. Together we got this!

Advertising on Resonance*

Like all new paradigm initiatives, we are experimenting with different models of monetising Resonance*. Obviously, we have operational expenses and need to be sustainable. At the heart of what we stand for is the law of reciprocity and we will not be open to banner advertising at this time. However, we are aware that many new-paradigm businesses are aligned with our values and audience, and we wish to support those businesses too.

If your business is interested in extra promotion through Resonance*and you would like to discuss this with us, please get in touch. Like everything these days, this is an evolving space.