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Deep Adaptation…. introducing Prof Jim Bemdell

Deep Adaptation is a concept, agenda, and international social movement. It presumes that extreme weather events and other effects of climate change will increasingly disrupt food, water, shelter, power, and social and governmental systems. These disruptions would likely or inevitably cause uneven societal collapse in the next few decades. The word “deep” indicates that strong measures are required to adapt to an unraveling of western industrial lifestyles. The agenda includes values of nonviolence, compassion, curiosity, and respect, and a framework for constructive action. (Wikipedia) ‘I want to tell you of something else that has happened for me in the last few months – perhaps it happened for you too. Many friends who I never talked to before about collapse are now considering changing their lives to become less involved in, or dependent on, global markets. Many explain to me their loss of faith in both authorities and business-as-usual. I had already read in opinion surveys that underneath the veneer of mass-mediated hope, people in the West have been anticipating decline. But now that outlook is becoming a priority for more people. Since the pundits work for legacy media organisations, the explanations we hear are anything other than the death throes of global capitalism as it hits natural limits. And since they speak from within the ‘Overton window’ of respectable conversation, neither do we hear that our situation can be described as the beginning of the breakdown of industrial consumer societies. Instead, a superficial, distracting, and sedating hope of returning to something more ‘normal’ is a compulsion for them. So I am pleased to greet you here in this Quarterly, outside that narrow scope of perception….