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Two men and a stick built a waterpark!

Watch these two guys in action – truly amazing…JUST IMAGINE what we could do with a few inspired people and collaborative energy and intention – read the blurb, watch the video…’ If anyone were to see these two guys with their sticks, going into the jungle shirtless you’d think they were heading off for a hunt or to go collect some potatoes. You’d have no idea that they were creating an architectural masterpiece out of absolutely nothing’. Mr. Heang shares ‘I knew the most of viewer they hard to believe but it is real 100% By real he means that it is 100% hand made with tools in video. Mr. Heang even goes on to say ‘If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video.’ He adds ‘I am very happy for your constructive feedback’. Hope you enjoying my videos!!’ This video went viral with 93 million views – he has done several others which are an absolute joy to watch!