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Yes Aotearoa – a new political party for positive change

My name is Maya and I am part of a beautiful new paradigm political movement (party) called YES AOTEAROA.
What has happened in New Zealand Aotearoa in the last 2 years has shocked me and I, like many others have questioned what we really want to be a part of creating. Some drastic changes are required, and I feel it starts with my own active engagement with the politics of life.

There’s nothing like a threat to human rights to reinvigorate my level of involvement with the society I live in and the need to become more vigilant about democracy.
We (Yes Aotearoa) have been working in these momentous times to gather support for our vision for changing the systems in parliament.
We have positive and practical goals which you can read more about by going to:

…But I just want to introduce our kaupapa from a slightly more metaphysical and spiritual point of view here…
We believe in going slow to build a foundation of strength in our intuition, our hearts, and our commitment to peace, co-creation and collaboration. And a genuine interest to be there for the people. We are not interested in rushing into profiling ourselves to get elected, but rather maintaining alignment with what we see in this day and age as needed to call for a new paradigm. It is along this power line of intention that we need to continue growing our collective movement. Even if it takes longer.

With the new Aquarian Age, the Yes Aotearoa Party sees the potential to introduce new paradigms which are much needed. And with new ways of doing things as well as going to the roots of our being and living as a species in harmony with the natural world on which we depend, we can make a difference.

Each one of us is a light beacon for evolving consciousness. And if we remember that Nature does not need us, but that we need Nature, we become humble again so we can truly serve our world. This is where change needs to occur; from a deeper understanding of our organisms, we can source the knowledge of how to engage with the various (collective) needs.
And we need to urgently undo (although the unraveling takes time) what has NOT been working and be brave to do that!

Here is the beginning:
Arohanui to all