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Are supermarkets the best place to get our food from?

Another strike against the highly inflated prices NZ is paying our supermarket duopoly who were recently reported as consistently over-charging kiwis by 30-35% more than their needed profit margins – it’s nothing less than criminal… Trouble is most people do not know how to survive without them. You actually can and will be a lot healthier if you grow and barter your own produce and products, attend farmers’ markets and use roadside stalls, support small greengrocers and specialty shops like butchers, Asian supermarkets, fish shops, organic health food stores etc. It’s actually an interesting little project to try out for yourself – see if you can go one week, 2 weeks without stepping into a supermarket. I go in occasionally for the odd thing but mostly prefer to support other local businesses where I can. This is where the Resonance* App comes to the fore…the more we use the app for our everyday living by way of exchanging products, produce, and services, the more we grow this thing! WE become the mycelium network, growing our connections, strengthening our metaphorical synapses, interweaving our lives and businesses so that we are all promoting and supporting each other – we want this to be easy, effortless and exciting! Martine – Resonance Team