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World Localization Day

World Localization Day, on June 21st, celebrates the worldwide localization movement–not only on the day itself, but during the entire month of June. For the third year in a row, people all over the world are coming together to explore the power of localization to recapture our autonomy from global corporations and foster deep and profound change at a local level.

We are proud to support World Localization Day by collaborating with Local Futures, a longstanding international non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening local communities and economies worldwide. A brand new film by Local Futures – Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution is both a powerful critique of economic globalization and a celebration of the kaleidoscope of grassroots initiatives that together form a growing movement for change: away from corporate rule towards the true democracy that more local markets make possible. 

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’Planet Local – A Quiet Revolution’ A new path forward for humanity…wonderful new short film featuring several faces you will know. Cut to the chase about halfway through if you are short on time. ‘Resonators*’ are on track for building these local parallel economies.