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The Ark Education – What I’ve Learned Along The Way

“In order for us as humanity to get through this period of chaos and fundamental change, we need to recognise that the connection to ourselves, the Earth and each other is what brings us closer to our purpose. Each one of us travels the road, be it in different ways, at different rates of speed and by different paths, but we’re ultimately heading in the same direction. We all want to be happy.

This business has been a child of this fundamental tenant. In creating The Ark Education NZ (TAENZ) I have found that my happiness has increased tremendously, probably not because of the business itself, but rather because of what I have learned along the way. TAENZ is all about building connections. This is what is front and centre in everything I do. Being of service and facilitating connections is what makes me happy. It makes me happy as a teacher, as a learner and as a human being. When dealing with business planning, fundraising and marketing, I have learned that this is what has to be at the forefront, as difficult as it is in the world of business and finance. I have faith however, that in keeping my values at the helm everything else will unfold as and when it does.

I am hoping that my story will resonate with and possibly inspire others to ask themselves the hard question, “ Does what I do make me happy?” If the answer is yes, keep doing it. If the answer is no, it may be time to sit back and take stock.”

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Blog by Calli Veludos, founder of The Ark Education NZ