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Saving Palmy Old Trees

Kia ora,

I’ve learnt about the trees situation with this article.

In the age of climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, we need old trees, we can’t replace old trees, they are precious and need respect and total protection.

On the 20th November, I have contacted the council to ask if it is possible to take the lines away and underground and save the trees.

A very kind council staff told me today that the trees removal is ON HOLD, due to several people’s inquiries.

So I have written to the lines providers PowerCo to ask if they could change the lines location and save the trees.

Yes we all need to change the way we do things and put nature first now.

So let’s try, write to all parties involved and save those trees for good.

And it will be good practice for all further trees concerned.

Article submitted by Florence Micoud

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