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Our Health Is Our Wealth

Yes Aotearoa’s Healthy Living & Natural Therapies vision for a healthy society:

We stand with community led initiatives like the People’s Health Alliance ( to support education and action for the people to access holistic therapies, medicine and empowerment. We believe in the promotion of healthy lifestyle options and how to be responsible for health decisions. The new health systems we want to see being built are places where the focus is on preventative health care and where the health practitioners will help people get to the root cause of their illness instead of medicating the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs.

Healthy Living Policy

Promoting healthy foods and nutrition awareness. GOOD NUTRITION CREATES HEALTH & WELLNESS. Action and Education to encourage demand for better access to healthy foods by taxing unhealthy food including fast food. Removing GST on vegetables and fruit resulting in affordability again.

Medicine and Natural Therapies Policy

There is so much preventable illness in our country. We need to adopt holistic healing practices into treatment options, including education about preventative health measures. Fostering our Integrated Medical practitioners will be paramount in the establishment of new ‘Health Hubs’. They will deliver knowledge which empowers people to know what to do with simple health issues and encourage self treatment and preventative self-care. This will reduce acute health issues from becoming chronic illnesses, which will in turn transform our sick society into a healthy society.

If you resonate with our vision, please consider joining as a founding member, it won’t oblige you to vote for us but will help us firstly gather 500 members which will enable us to register our party as a voice for positive change!