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How to Really Get the Juice Out of Gratitude

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the beautiful images of frozen water crystals in Masaru Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water. The one for ‘love and appreciation’ was so stunning I think it’s been etched on my visual cortex forever. Anytime I think of this it reminds me how powerful the act of doing gratitude is. It has an energy and frequency that cannot be denied.

It’s probably 20 years since I first saw those pictures for the first time. Since then neuroscience has come a long way and now explains the biological effects of these kinds of emotions in the body. Experiencing gratitude isn’t just about having good manners when we say thank you (which is very much what I was brought up with) and but also about raising positive healthy energy in your body. Joe Dispenza talks about how feeling gratitude in your body improves your immune system almost immediately.

And as you probably already know, raising your overall vibration at an energetic level helps you then resonate with higher vibration things and experiences. That is basically the law of attraction in a nutshell – it’s not so much about attraction but about resonance.

So, whichever of those beautiful knock-on effects appeal to you, and perhaps all of them do, here is a beautifully simple way to get the most juice out of a gratitude practice.…

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– Karen Ross at Start With You