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Dehydration – Could your symptoms simply be lack of water?

Dehydration – Could all or some of your symptoms are as simple as not having enough water?
Are you dehydrated as you read this? Are you sure your not? According to research over 75 % of Americans are dehydrated, in fact, they are not just dehydrated they are chronically dehydrated!

What this means is that although you might be drinking fluids during the day, your body is still in deficit. Being in deficit is definitely not a good thing as it prevents you from thriving. It is a bit like the cells have forgotten how to absorb this life-giving substance.

In fact, a Chronic deficit of something so vital is so common that your body gets used to it! This is why you don’t feel thirsty even when your cells are literally dying for a drink of the clear beautiful life-giving stuff. Plus what often happens is that we mistake thrust for hunger – normally out of habit and this begins to be a much bigger problem.

Before I realised this, I spent years searching for solutions to the symptoms below, for myself as well as my clients.

Symptoms of dehydration





Urine is dark in colour

Cramps – in extremities as well as within your body, like period pains


Stomach ache

Feeling lethargic

High blood pressure


Cranky attitude

Bad breath

Dry skin

Sudden food cravings

It is so interesting isn’t it that we don’t associate many of these symptoms with lack of water, do we? Could some or all of your symptoms be dehydration?

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