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Crop Swaps – Bringing Communities Together

The little Northland town of Kaeo is a resilient and well-connected community, helped by a regular Sunday Crop Swap where locals gather with their produce. The Kaeo and Keri Keri Crop Swaps were both initiated during the lockdowns, as a way to meet like-minded people, but the concept has grown from there. Ruth from the Resonance* App was at the swap in Kaeo and took these photos.

The emphasis of a Crop Swap is on “bring what you can, take what you need” and there is absolutely NO obligation to bring anything at all! Examples of Crop Swap offerings include: seeds, cuttings, fruit, veges, seedlings, cakes, biscuits, crackers, jars, vermicast, comfrey juice, preserves, kefir, kombutcha scobies and so on. Any food or plants exchanged at are Crop Swap are purely koha and that is the magic about it.

The Crop Swap is a great way to get to know your neighbours and to share knowledge and skills. There is often a specific topic at the swap, anything from composting, sustainability or water catchment to gardening by the moon. Crop Swaps are perfect opportunities to strengthen communities and connections. During Matariki the Kaeo Crop Swap did a lantern making workshop involving adults and kids and the following week they had a lantern walk around Kaeo and shared food around the fire.

Maybe you would like to initiate a Crop Swap in your own area?

You can find more about the Kaeo and Keri Keri Crop swaps on the Transition Towns – Bay Of Islands Facebook group.

OR Contact Transition Towns directly via email: